True health is within us. Together we will find it.

Align your inner compass towards wellness

You have the ability to take control and be an advocate for your own health journey. We have the opportunity to navigate towards wellness.

Discover the root cause of your imbalance

Nutrition, emotional, environment, lifestyle and genetic factors can all play a role in well-being.

Optimize your gut health

Many imbalances start in the gut. Discover tools that can help restore the gut microbiome.

Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit

Explore what “wholeness” and “balance” means to you. Understand the role that physical, emotional, spiritual and mental factors can have on overall well-being.

My name is Faraz Berjis.

For twenty years I had a thriving practice as a board certified gastroenterologist. During this time, I observed that the medical system was often complex, overwhelming, and difficult to navigate for patients – and I was experiencing burnout from the relentless demands of this insurance-driven system.

Many of my patients with chronic conditions or complicated health histories often felt frustrated, anxious, or stuck – and would often give up their hope for regaining health.

After my own family started experiencing seemingly unexplainable digestive and immune system issues, I began to explore functional medicine. I was drawn to the philosophy of understanding the root cause of disease – rather than merely treating the symptoms – and soon after, I saw a transformation in my own health and the health of my family as we incorporated what I was discovering.

This revolutionary health philosophy — and my continuing inner work — inspired me to shift my focus in a new direction.

After I received certification in functional nutrition and health coaching, I embarked on a more fulfilling path of consulting in this integrative approach to digestive wellness.

I have been an active volunteer for the underserved in the Bay area and abroad. Throughout my career, I had the privilege of volunteering to provide medical care in remote villages in Ecuador. While in private practice, I also was an active volunteer at Operation Access where I provided care to an underserved population.

Now I focus on education, empowerment, and a more meaningful and personalized path to health for diverse individuals of all backgrounds across the globe.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots…”


I am here to serve you as a compass – giving you the knowledge and insight you need to navigate your health journey.

Together, we’ll look for potential imbalances and restorative opportunities based on the whole YOU, not just your symptoms.

I’m not here to give you a diagnosis or a medical treatment plan. My role is to help you understand the physical, emotional, environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your health issues. I’ll guide you and empower you to activate the self-healing abilities already present within you.

You’ll feel seen, empowered,  in control — and you’ll have a plan that you can implement right away.